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Dreams Do Come True
Posted By Admin, 7th September, 2014

Just how much would you pay to kiss a beautiful woman? Would you pay a premium if the woman in question happened to be a celebrity and a sex symbol? How about if the whole thing was in aid of charity? Well, at a star studded bash recently one lucky chap managed to get himself a full on snog with Liz Hurley for the paltry sum of fifty thousand pounds and yes you did read that right! Like the next man, I have often fantasised about enjoying a steamy clinch with the delectable star of Bedazzled and the fantasy often involves un-stapling and releasing her from her famous dress but fifty thousand pounds? Not wanting to be rude Liz but you are not what you used to be though I guess that statement can also be applied to the rest of us forty some-things! For that kind of money I would be hoping for a little more than just a kiss, no matter how much tongue action was involved! I mean, for far less I can be with a sexy escort more than half her age enjoying the kind of massage that an attached man can only dream of! In fact that kiss from Liz is enough to keep me in clover with escorts every night of the week for an entire year! Sorry Liz but you would have to kiss like no woman has ever kissed before to tempt me. I’m sticking to the hot escorts at Local Escorts.

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