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Find What Youre Searching For
Posted By Admin, 19th October, 2014

There are those who are searching for the meaning of life and spending countless minutes, hours and days pondering over existence and whether or not it has any significance. Are we mere organism hurtling around space on a tiny rock of a planet or is there some grand plan, some cosmic blueprint in which we play an important part? I imagine that an awful lot of intelligence, time and effort has gone into answering the question: what is the meaning of life? Though the cynic within in is tempted to answer forty two, the answer conjured by the super computer Deep Thought in Douglas Adams Hitch-hiker series of books. It seems to me that whether or not we are here for a reason we should live as though we are here today and gone tomorrow. Rather than contemplate eternity I prefer to contemplate the curves of a busty escort beauty from Local Escorts. The true meaning of life for me is to enjoy all that it has to offer, in particular the charms of a sexy escort with fun on her mind. In fact some of my most spiritual moments have come about in the arms of a beautiful woman and when I am in the middle of a body melting massage from a petite escort I often find myself transported to the realm of pure sensual pleasure where my thoughts commune with the angels. So, it seems to me that the answer is to spend time with a ravishing escort and whatever you are searching for you will most likely find it and will certainly give some meaning to life!

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